About Us


Marquette Studios, located on Chicago's north side, has been serving musicians, producers, collectors and engineers, locally, nationally and abroad since 2014. All of our gear comes from people like you! We'll buy used and vintages pieces for cash outright. If you are interested in selling your gear, please reach out to discuss rates and appraisals for it. 





Hi all!  My name's Matthew.  I started this shop back in 2014, after honing my knowledge working in other music stores.  Once I had decided that I could do it, I went about creating the sort of store I would want to shop in myself.

At Marquette Studios, you won't find any pushy, commissioned salespeople, or fifty duplicates of the same guitar.  I do this for same reason our customers come to us: the love of gear.  I hope you'll feel comfortable chatting about that one nerdy thing you love about your collection when you shop with us.  I hope you'll trust me when I say every single piece we bring in is tested and played before it ever goes for sale online.  If you're with me so far, I have a feeling we'll get along just fine.  Welcome to Marquette Studios.