Sell and Trade Your Gear

All of the gear we sell is used, meaning it comes from musicians just like you!  We're happy to offer cash or trade credit for any piece of musical equipment you're looking to sell.  We understand; selling can be tedious and time consuming, and sometimes you just can't wait two months to unload your gear.  Let us take the hassle out of it.  All you have to do is pack the stuff up and ship it to us, we'll handle taking photos for the store, creating the listing, answering questions from buyers, shipping to them, and every other aspect of customer service as well.  To get started with one of the best offers you'll find in the industry, just email with a brief description and a couple good pictures of your item.

How do I get paid?

If you've elected to sell for cash, once you agree to the price over email, you'll be given the shipping address to send your equipment to.  You will also be paid via PayPal as soon as you agree.  We do not have to have received the item yet for you to be paid.  Please note that we cannot send money using PayPal gift.

How does trading work?

If you'd like to trade toward one of our instruments, the the price you're offered will be for credit towards the total price of your cart.  If your item is worth more than what you're purchasing, you'll be paid out the excess through PayPal as above.  If you still owe an amount on your purchase, a code will be given to you allowing you to apply the credit towards your purchase.  As above, we do not need to have received the item yet for your credit to be valid.

How should I send you my equipment?

Once you accept our offer, you will be given a shipping address to send the item to.  Please ship it out as soon as you can, but you must have it shipped within 5 days.  Once shipped please email the tracking number to us at  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing insurance for your shipment.  You remain liable for any damage or problems with the merchandise prior to us receiving it.